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Tamara Gibson

Tamara Gibson

Location: Rrijoice Tie-Dyes

Summer and fall tours.


With a single felting needle, I use Canadian-raised, often hand-dyed wool, as well as natural and found objects, hand-blown glass pieces, and other trinkets and treasures to express the wild magic and exquisite beauty of life as I see it.

While each piece is one of a kind, each series, such as Stardust, Heartfelt, Faces of Nature, and The Holy Wild, reflects a theme. Stardust reflects the ways in which we relate to our dreams and the magic in life. Heartfelt reflects and explores the ways in which we feel, express, experience, nurture, and share love. The Faces of Nature Series is a lovingly labourious and detailed exploration of the living beings around us. The Holy Wild is a series based on the work of Danielle Dulsky and is a visual journal of my own healing, liberation and sovereignty.

With each new season, experience and adventure, I dive more deeply into and explore these and new themes, arising from the vantage point of new perspectives, relationships, and landscapes.