Visit the Artists of the Madawaska Valley

Sylvia Tennisco

Sylvia Tennisco
Summer tour and Fall tour
60 Chibekana Inamo, Pikwakanagan
Open year-round by appointment

Sylvia loves making products and loves the freedom in creating them. She loves putting a smile on someone’s face when they feel good about buying her cultural creative products. And she loves the personal experience shared when someone leaves with a positive experience. Sylvia’s products come with new beginnings in shared experiences. She offers herself and her creativity, leaving an imprint of cultural treasure for people to enjoy.

“I love seeing someone happy, with much more knowledge than they knew before; when they leave the tour I feel satisfied knowing I contributed to my community in keeping our Algonquin culture alive. I do this, because I love my family and where my roots live. I do this because I’m honouring my historic Grandparents and what they endured during colonized times. By keeping my art alive I am keeping my Algonquin culture alive. I am an artist and I’m Algonquin.”