Visit the artists of the Madawaska Valley

Stephanie Park

Spark Pottery

Location: Lynn Laabs


Stephanie Park is a ceramic artist who creates original wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery. Her work is consistently being influenced by the wonders of the natural landscapes of her home in the Madawaska Valley.

“My focus is on practical, simple aesthetics inspired by the natural world.”

She earned her certificate in ceramics from Haliburton School of Art + Designs in 2018 and spent a semester as the alumni artist in residence at the school. Recently, she has been added to their faculty as a ceramics instructor for summer programs.

Park loves working with her hands and using time-honoured techniques to create functional pieces for kitchen and home — elevating the everyday. One element of her practice is that she uses resist techniques to highlight the beauty of the raw stoneware clay. Every piece is handcrafted and unique. She enjoys creating playful, food-safe glaze combinations in her own studio.

Park is looking forward to meeting you at the fall studio tour in 2022 and sharing some of the joys of the ceramic creation process with you.