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Spark Pottery

Spark Pottery
Stephanie Park
Fall tour
39402C Combermere Road, Madawaska Valley
Off Highway 62, near Combermere Bridge.

“When life pushes you down in the mud, most people get up. I stayed. And started to make something with it!” says Park reflecting on her varied career path.

After developing serious allergies at her workplace, a local vet clinic, Park decided to pursue ceramics which had held her interest for a very long time. “I first became interested in pottery when I was a teenager and went on an exchange to Japan. I remember spending an entire afternoon in Kyoto trying to find the perfect teapot to bring home.”

Park collected pottery from local artists and eventually took a week-long summer course at Haliburton School of Art and Design. “After that, I was totally hooked.” says Park. “So when a career change presented itself, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

She went back to school full-time at Fleming College’s Haliburton School of Art and Design and specialized in ceramics and eventually went on to become their alumni artist-in-residence and is now an instructor there.

Park enjoys working with her hands and using time-honoured and modern techniques to create functional pieces for kitchen and home. “Most of my work is done on a wheel, but I also enjoy handbuilding some of my work too. It allows you to be a bit more playful with your pieces.”

“I gain inspiration from natural world and love all things wild. And because of that, I’m so fortunate to live here in the Madawaska Valley surrounded by this beautiful landscape.”

One element of her practice is that she uses resist techniques to highlight the beauty of the stoneware clay. “I think seeing and touching the clay surface, really connects us to the earth.”

Park is looking forward to meeting you at the fall studio tour in 2023 and sharing some of the joys of the ceramic creation process with you.