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Paradisio Bees

We are a small batch, hand-poured and sustainably-sourced honey maker.

Our honey is foraged from the pristine meadows hidden in the hills of Killaloe and Brudenell from a variety of wild plants, weeds and forbs — far away from intensive agricultural practices, gmo plants, pesticides and human intervention.

Our name Paradisio comes from the ancient Avestan language and signifies an idyllic place of harmony — which much describes the pristine surroundings that bring flavourful and healthy honey to our customers. The sweet elixir that is gathered by our bees in these untouched and wild locations changes in taste notes from year to year, season to season, depending on the weather and the flower patterns in our yards. We are consistently in awe of the fauna, flora and breathtaking landscapes here in these bountiful lands, that change in character, and sing a different song each year.

Our products can be found online — visit our website to order delivery and/or shipping to your households and/or cottages, to find our pop-up shop at farmers markets this season and to find a list of our stockists of honey and goods throughout the Ottawa and Madawaska Valleys.