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Lynn Laabs

Lynn Laabs
Resin Artist
Summer tour and Fall tour
3759 Old Barry’s Bay Road, Barry’s Bay
Second house on the right from Hwy 60.
Open by appointment only

Lynn’s formal education in Fine Art taught her a great deal and by experimenting with various mediums she learned something about herself. She discovered that she had a passionate desire and commitment to show colour in all its prismatic glory.

Lynn likes to use vibrant and subtle bursts of colour to interpret the world with vivid imagination as she tries to present a perception of what was observed. She composes her resin pieces and pendants to convey an emotion, a memory or mood. She wants others to feel the sensations that colours generate.

The experimenting was also a search for something to bring those colours to life in all their kaleidoscopic fervor and soft poignant elegance. The search led to resin.

I began using resin to enhance my colour scheme and soon discovered that resin is very versatile,” says Lynn. Resin can be shaped, layered and molded. She uses its flow and its peculiar nature to represent water or the movement of clouds. “I often incorporate what nature offers me into my art. Flowers, mushrooms and butterflies have found a place in my pendants and resin pieces. I harvest, clean and dry them to be placed on my resin ‘canvases’.

People are her galleries. Lynn has pieces throughout Canada and the United States, as well as, Europe, Jamaica, China and Japan.