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Karen Bernard

Karen Bernard

Location: Lynn Labbs

Summer and fall tours.

Paper sculpture relief pieces are abstract and use various papers. The hand-cut paper is then scored, crumpled and layered to create abstracts with colour, texture and balance. The selected mat board becomes an intricate piece of the work.

Paper cutting involves hand-cut images that are folded and layered to give the piece motion and life. I use watercolour paper that I hand-cut. The areas that I want to give motion to are hand-moulded or curved, and the rest I use positive and negative space to produce the image of the bird.

Iris Folding — the technique of folding strips of coloured paper to form a design. Each strip of paper is cut and the next colour is laid down and repeated with the other paper strips working inward until there is only the square left in the middle, which is filled with a fifth coloured pattern.