Karen Hanlon
Pysanky and Batik egg artist
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The egg, a traditional symbol of new life, has been decorated around the world for centuries. Karen's works of art on this unique "canvas" inspired by these ancient roots include traditional Ukrainian pysanky and Bucovinian style wax-embossed eggs. Some of her other styles are influenced by a variety of artistic media: stained glass, embroidery, Celtic knotwork and even decorated Hungarian gingerbread cookies. 

Karen has been "writing" eggs for nearly 30 years. She loves the challenge of combining the geometric balance and symmetry, technical precision and artistic beauty which the art requires. She also enjoys the opportunities it offers for almost unlimited variety, including working with different sizes and types of eggs, techniques, styles, colours and themes.

"Working on my eggs is life-giving for me. The pleasant shape of the egg itself, the scent of melting beeswax, the quiet concentration and the spiritual dimension of this ancient art all contribute to it being a source of great peace in my otherwise busy life."


Image of the artist

Ostrich pysanka  

Celtic cross stained glass style goose egg  

Peach Rose goose egg  

Dyed and Etched Brown eggs  

Stained glass style chicken egg  

Etched emu egg  

"O Canada" brown eggs  

Wax embossed blue duck egg  

Monarch - Stained glass style Rhea egg  

Hummingbird - Stained glass style Rhea egg  

Wax embossed "cross stitch" duck egg  

Valentine "cookie" eggs  

Embossed wax duck egg  

"Gems" - Stained glass style goose egg  

Kaszub design goose egg