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In a little cabin nested on top of a hill in Hastings Highlands sits Bee Kind Organics. This land is also the home of their family hobby farm which includes organic gardens, bee hives, miniature donkey and 2 majestic draft horses. With the aspiration to raise her kids as simply and naturally as possible it is in this magical place that Talli learned the ways of wild plants and making medicines.  Then...came the bees! With the highest respect and adoration for the bees Talli's line of beeswax products was developed. 

She makes 100% Beeswax Candles.  Made from cappings wax only, these candles are a beautiful golden colour.  She offers a large variety of shapes and unique designs and sizes to suit all needs.

Chest rub, Heal all and Aches & Arthrits. 3 ointments that every house should have on hand. The base of these ointments is beeswax from her hives and homemade herbal infusions from plants that she has wild crafted and grown.

Natural soaps...made from 100% renewable and sustainable ingredients. No Palm Oil!  These bars are hardened with beeswax from her hives, scented with essential oils and coloured by plants.

More beeswax products: Lip balms, organic edible massage oil, bug repellant & afterbite.

Image of the artistImage of the artist

Golden Beeswax  

Honeybee Motif  

Intricate Votives  


Plant dyes to colour soap !  

Chakra Essential Oil Blends  

Smells like Honey!