Visit the artists of the Madawaska Valley

Carl Wall


Carriage House Toys

Guest: Catherine Peck

864 Church Street, Wilno
From Hwy 60 turn south onto Church Street and drive to #864, the big brick building on the East side of the road.

Open year-round by appointment

Carriage House Toys


Carriage House Toys are primarily made for little people, ages one to eight, but have been enjoyed by adults too. Made individually from as much local wood as possible, they are simple in design but functional and durable. Toys that were made in the early 1980s are now being used by a second generation and have become part of the family.

Carl began making wooden toys for his son in 1980. The enjoyment of watching him play with them for hours inspired Carl to make them for other children as well. Small cars, truck, trains, doll cradles and rocking horses are some of the favorites. All are finished with safe, natural products that let the wood be the main attraction.

Carl’s shop is located in the old carriage house on the grounds of the original rectory for the first Catholic church in Wilno. Come visit and savour the smell of freshly worked wood. And if you have time, visit the pioneer cemetery just behind the shop.