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Bee Kind Organics

Bee Kind Organics
Talli Chaimovitz
Beeswax candles and other products
Summer tour and Fall tour
39218 Combermere Road, Combermere
Approximately 300 meters from downtown Combermere heading west.
Open year-round

Talli is a lover of nature and all things bees. As a young mother, she moved from the city up to these beautiful hills and this was the start of her immersion into nature and nature as art. As homesteading became a way of everyday life, so did using nature to be creative and create products that are unique and wholesome. Talli learned the art of growing, harvesting and preparing plants to be used as medicine in the form of teas, tinctures, ointments and soap. After many years of beekeeping, she began using the beeswax by-product in her ointments, soaps and beeswax candles. She also learned to make molds and create unique beeswax candle designs. She then set up products for sale at local markets and this was the magical spark that started Bee Kind Organics.